Our young people with disabilities

 Numbered 68, our young adults with disabilities are the heart of our action and our lives. They are affected by mental disability, physical disability, polyhandicap, or degenerative diseases.


They are welcomed in our Home of Tenderness according to different modalities adapted to their needs and those of their families.


Young and old people


Why do we call them young people? When Anta Akhi was created more than 25 years ago, the first people welcomed were in their twenties ... Calling them "young people" was obvious! Today, some of our young people have gray hair ... but youth is more like a state of mind, right?


Families to support

"Assuming the handicap is not easy, but the Anta Akhi team has supported us well over time, things have become simpler: no mom wants the handicap, but once we take charge of  it, we overcome difficulties more easily.


 I continue to thank the Lord for all that Michael has given us. I am very proud of my son! His brothers too! "


 ..Mother of Michael, with BMI and Little Syndrome



Our permanent young

21 young people live daily in community in our home of tenderness. Their families welcome them home one weekend a month and visit them at home.


Aida, Carole, Marcelle, Marianne, Michael, Samo, Tony, Joseph, Ghassan, Elie K., Christopher, Elie S., Joey, Elie B., Philippe, Marcelle, Mélanie, Nicolas,  Fady, Pierre, Stéphanie, Rita.


Our young people in day care

These 17 young people come to our home on weekdays, participate in our activities and thrive together.


Adla, Lara, Thérèse, Joe, Joumana, Anthony, Joy,  Joanna, Fady O., Elie C, Paul, Charbel, Marcelino, Jocelyne et Rita, Fady B., Elie Ch.


"I am very happy at Anta Akhi, we do beautiful things, we live together like brothers and sisters, we are a family here, I feel that I am good here, that I am relaxed, I enjoy group life There are lots of things that interest me, make me feel good, I feel like I belong to the community, I love when visitors come here, especially schools, we share time with students, we play games, time passes very quickly, they bring joy."


Our young people during weekends

26 young people come to share moments of celebration, relaxation, training and discover the joy of community life.


Elissa, Mirna, Elias Z., Claire, Elie H., Elie K., Charbel S., Suzanne, Rita, Elie T., Labibé, Charbel A., Elias C., Joséphine, Elias S., Elie A., Hany, Diala, Alaa, Joe, Antonio, Raphael, Jane, Wafic, Bernadette and Marie



Our young people at home

3 very severely disabled young people live in their families. They are visited and supported by Anta Akhi, especially at the medical level.



Elie Abi Younes, André Yaacoub and Tarek J.


Our young people flourishing

1 more independent young girl come occasionally to Anta Akhi to flourish among us. She enjoy the activities and help us with enthusiasm!