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At Anta Akhi, we know that people in good health and people with disabilities complement each other and enrich each other. We also believe that there is more joy to give than to receive...


Come a few hours a month or come for a long stay, be present with young people, help with cooking, collect, animate an evening... Anything is possible and any help is welcome ! 


A certainty : to share the life of our young people, is to live an experience of love and joy every day, it is to be transformed and leave the heart more open than ever.




We want you for Anta Akhi-volontaire-Foyer

" This week gave me the opportunity to discover very simple people but who are willing to do anything to help their brothers. What I remember is that, leaving happy by making people happy is possible. "

Paul, summer 2018

Regular Volunteer

 Few hours a week, a month, you come help in a specific task (be with our young people, help in the kitchen, or the logistical team...).

We can also request your help for punctual events.

We will define with you where you'll feel the more comfortable and the schedule that will fit your availability. 

Volontaire régulier Anta Akhi action

Long term Volunteer

 You're staying in the Home of Tenderness and live daily we our young people. According to your skills ( health, communication, social, project management...) we can offer you various jobs, suitable for your needs.

This volunteering is possible for a duration from few weeks to one year or more ( in this case with a volunteering contract.). 

Volontaire longue durée Foyer Anta Akhi- jeunes-sourire


"Over time, I  got to know the young people. Every day I discovered new testimonies, very rich life paths, different personalities, some joys and somes pains...

I also realized that I was very lucky to share such special moments with them. They brought me a lot of joy and inner peace. Lebanon was for me a revelation : a country so small, with so many stories and souls, where I received graces in abundance. So much that I am moving here in a few weeks.

To me Anta Akhi is more than an association, it is a family, a Home of Tenderness."

                                                                                                                                                                                            E., winter 2019


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