Our team, Our family

At Anta Akhi, we are a team of 70 members, united by a common mission: to support our young people with disabilities!


For over than 30 years, we have been putting our diverse and complementary skills to work for them, day after day.


More than a job, a mission... More than colleagues, a family!

  "I celebrated my 10th birthday at Anta Akhi, but in reality I spent much longer there because I came as a volunteer from the age of 12. It's not a work environment, but a family to which I belong. It's a mission that answers the call I have in my heart. I've found my place here at Anta Akhi and I'm passionate about my mission."


Roula Najm, President and CEO of Anta Akhi




With over 30 years' professional experience between Sesobel and Anta Akhi, Roula Najm, a specialized educator by training, said "Yes" to the mission and committed herself unreservedly to this path of joy in the service of the weakest. Today, she holds the position of President and CEO.




"Together, in faith in Mary, Queen of the impossible, we can, in hope, be assured of continuity, and keep the flame of love alive. Together we can face up to the emergencies of survival. Together, for a life of daily dignity, a life of joy, to rekindle hope."



                                                                             Roula Najm

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