Raise awareness of disability

You wish to make your student, your group, mindful of disability ? You would like to make them live a meeting that is going to change their life? You desire a time of solidarity and fraternity ? We can welcome you in our Home of Tenderness, and our young people can also travel to tell their story.

Elèves écoles Liban et jeunes atteints de handicap au Foyer


  • Disability : discover and change the point of view
  • The value of human being
  • Live in joy through the difficulties of life
  • Live together, different and complementary 
  • The situation and the role of the disable person in church, Parish..
  • And anything you like!

Meeting time

Those meetings include a time of information, reflection, some account of young people, sometimes games to know them better. It is possible to come help the team and the young people at the meals time for example.

" To see people that don't have the same capacities but who are still happy really moved me. I felt I have to be grateful for what I have, and I have to give and love people who need to be loved, because we are all equal in the eyes of God"

Lynn,10th grade



" These disabled people opened my eyes on the matter of smiling, and on the look that God has on me."

Léa, classe de seconde


Elève et jeune, sensibilisation au handicap

 To organized your meeting please send and email to environnement@antaakhi.org