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Our history

 Nurse, midwife and Lebanese social worker, Yvonne Chami founded the Anta Akhi association in 1992.


The beginning


Marked by her experience in Lebanese pediatric hospitals, Yvonne created  Sesobel in 1976, an association that cares for children with disabilities in Lebanon, and supports their families. When they reach adulthood, some of these young people could no longer be cared for by their parents, who were too old or had financial difficulties  in the face of the heavy handicap of their children.


It is to meet this need that the association Anta Akhi, "You, my brother" was created. The "Home of Tenderness" allows well-being and young people with disabilities to live together in dignity and joy, and to flourish in their social and spiritual life.


 Anta Akhi is recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior N 152 / AD



The handicap and Life in Church project


Since people with disabilities are still poorly integrated in the Church and in society, the Handicap and Life in Church project (HVE) completes the founding project of Anta Akhi from the year 2000.


Its goal :


• Train and accompany young people with disabilities in their spiritual life.



• To sensitize clergy, seminarians and lay people to the richness and importance of people with disabilities at the heart of the Church and society.





La fondatrice Yvonne Chami embrasse un jeune en fauteuil roulant.
Prêtre lavant les pieds de jeunes handicapés au Liban

Our mission

What concerns us is not the disability, but the person who has it. This is why Anta Akhi's mission is broader than supporting young people with disabilities.

Logo- Main tenant une plante qui pousse

Accompanying the growth of the child of God with disabilities


We seek to grow our youth in all dimensions of their lives, including their spiritual lives, so that they know they are loved by God.


Logo- 2 mains qui se tiennent-accompagnement

Accompany young people in their daily lives



At every moment, our young people are helped by accompaniers to perform the daily actions they can not do alone.


Logo famille

Accompany their families


Parents and siblings are accompanied to be able to exchange, to be supported in their daily difficulties, to receive particular help in the event of mourning or illness of a member of the family.


Logo groupe

Living tohegether in the home of tenderness


Accompaniers, volunteers and young people live together as a family, sharing the joys and sorrows of each day, in love, each accepting the weaknesses of the other


Logo oeil

Make a change of perspective on disability


Through their testimony, our young people educate more than 3,500 visitors every year for the handicap.


Logo coeur et mains ensemble

Promote life together


The Focus of  the home of Tenderness is a control group, showing the world that it is possible to live together,as good well-beings and people with disabilities.


Our values

 We believe that :

  • Man "is", far beyond what appears from him; it is a mystery that can only be approached by an act of faith and trust.
  •  Every person with a disability is a human being, a child of God.
  • Everyone needs to live in dignity and love.
  • All we have received as gifts is to put them at the service of one another.
  •  Difficulties are part of life. It's up to us to come out victorious ...
  • Life remains; everyone is called to grow and to fulfill
  • We are called to live as a big family, where the youngest is at the heart of the family.
  • Each one of us is dear to the heart of God: from now on we are from His Family.
  •  God looks at us and says to us: "You are my beloved child, you make all my joy".
  • The strength of love has triumphed over death and all its manifestations.




This is why we believe that each one's life, even if it was severely handicapped, is worth living just like a holiday, because Love is stronger than anything ... and you, are my brother.


Our family

Equipe, employés et jeunes handicapés en fauteuil roulant au Foyer de Tendresse


members of the General Assembly 



Our friends abroad 


young people with disabilities and their families


members of our team


volunteers per year


ladies in 2 committees



"I spent two and a half years with young people and coming back here is also finding my family from Lebanon. For me, it's a great joy to spend time with young people, to talk about our memories, to share news and to share the little moments of everyday life. "


 Martina, former volunteer