Become a god father


  • Becoming a sponsor of one of our young people is to participate in his daily life by financing part of the cost of his care, from 10 euros or 10 dollars per month. By committing yourself for the long term, you help us to obtain stable funds to always have enough to support themselves: food, medical, support, etc.
  • Becoming a sponsor is also, if you wish, maintain a special relationship with your godchild, hear from him, and why not visit it if you have the opportunity!
  • Depending on your country and your tax system, there are two sponsorship options available to you for tax relief, but the operation is exactly the same.



You live in Lebanon

Send us a message specifying "sponsorship" and give us your contact details.

You can also call us on +961 9 230 650.

Our team will contact you as soon as possible to establish all the necessary steps. 

You live in France

So you can benefit from tax reductions, we suggest that you contact our communication team on 
They will take the necessary steps with you and will suggest to sponsor one of our young people with disabilities.


"Many years ago, Marianne was given to me as a goddaughter. Yes, Marianne is truly a gift, a gift for me. In the past, I had the pleasure of visiting the Anta Akhi Tenderness Center in Lebanon, so we were able to share time together [...]. Because of my ignorance of the Lebanese language and her ignorance of the French language, we exchanged the look, the smile, the gestures ... the language of the heart. Once or twice a year, I receive news about Marianne, her activities, her tastes, her friends, her family, etc. [...] Marianne and I, we both take advantage of small opportunities that may arise to send us small signs of friendship, to exchange a few words in the form of letter or email. Over the years, Marianne took more space in my heart, in my thoughts. And although the lack of time space exchanges messages, an invisible link unites us to one another. Marianne assures me of her prayer, and I know how to count on her! " MPA