Daily life and health

Support in every moment of everyday life


One to four times a month, groups come together to advance on a particular topic. We take care of all the daily needs of young people with disabilities. There are guides at their side 24 hours a day to help them get around, wash, change, feed themselves and assist them in their activities. Respect and tenderness in these gestures are the key to our young people living with dignity.


Essential Medical Follow-up


Our young people have very important medical needs related to their disability and related illnesses. Their medical care is a pillar of Anta Akhi. It includes health check-ups, medication management, respiratory therapies, preventive actions, the fight against regression and emergency management. In 2022, more than 200 consultations and 2100 respiratory therapies were performed.


Every day, we offer our youth activities that allow them to flourish in all dimensions of their lives: social, creative, intellectual, friendly... They participate in recreational and artistic activities, such as painting, crafts, cultural activities, outings, communication times, games evenings, Arabic, French and English classes, relaxation ...

Existential Formation

Answering questions


«Why am I disabled and not my brothers and sisters? what is the meaning of my life? So many questions from our young people that existential training comes to appease. One to four times a month, groups come together to advance on a particular topic.

A life course


From the age of six, Anta Akhi offers existential training to Sesobel's children. It is an integral part of their journey and when they arrive at Anta Akhi, young people can coontinue this training to progress further.


Training for everyone


This training benefits our youth for whom questions of the meanig of life arise earlier. But this training is for everyone : Anta Akhi's team member follow her too. Thus, they can work on themselves and better understand the young people they care for.

Filles jeunes, bien-portante et en fauteuil roulant au foyer

"I had a lot of questions:" Why am I disabled, why me, not my sister? "It's been a long way. I perceived many advantages: I gained confidence in myself, I found peace and hope. It also helped me to better understand my parents, and they understood me better. I continue to work on myself today. "

                                                                                             Carole, BMI and Athetosic dystonic tetraplegia

Spiritual life

can work on themselves and bett Christian association, Anta Akhi is open to all without religious distinction.

Anta akhi offers many spiritual times : prayer time, masses, worship, rosary, sharing time, confessions are an integral part of the lives of our youth and our team. Young people can also benefit from personal spiritual accompaniment.

Jeunes handicapées en prière

 "You see how hard a life with a handicap is, hardships are really not easy [...] Am I going to defeat them with sadness? No, with joy! But can I Of course not, I need the help of God to help me, which is also the word of God, to be good to myself and to the people who live with me. " Ghassan, suffering from Duchesne myopathy.

Creating awareness

Changing the way we look at disability is one of the priorities of Anta Akhi: for this we seek to testify to the well-being that life is worth living despite the handicap. This awareness is achieved through testimonials and welcoming people in our homes.


Training of seminarians 

We wish to sensitize the clergy and especially the future priests so that they can take into account people with disabilities in their parishes. For this reason, we welcome seminarians and priests coming regularly to Anta Akhi.


Our advocacy is not only in Lebanon but also with members of the Church of Togo and France.


Awareness of the general public


This awareness raising is done through media actions and testimonials with students, students, scout groups, chaplaincy, and our visitors. Each year, more than 3,500 people benefit and express a change of outlook.

Femme handicapée en fauteuil roulant et élèves sensibilisées

"The love that exists between volunteers and people with disabilities has touched me a lot. I'm amazed by the fact that there are still people like that in society. It pushed me to give more for others and to be there for those who need, since these people with disabilities need to be loved, surrounded and respected. "

Serena, second class