The health of our young people

Illness and regression

Degenerative diseases, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities...


The disabilities and illnesses of our young people are diverse and serious, and advancing age brings complications.


Many of our young people suffer regressions in cardiac, respiratory, dietary, orthopedic, dermatological, neurological or psychological terms. 

Our treatment and prevention

Of course, we respond to young people's health problems with appropriate examinations and treatments; but beyond that, we try to combat regression, pain and discomfort with a range of treatments.




Some of our young people benefit from therapeutic riding sessions, thanks to donors. This enables our young people to improve their posture, strengthen their muscles, work on their balance, relax and become more aware of their bodies.


The Halliwick method


We also use swimming to strengthen and stretch muscles gently and thoroughly. In the pool, we have developed the Halliwick method. It enables the patient to learn to control his or her body in the water, and thus contributes to rehabilitation.


The Snoezelen method


We have also introduced the Snoezelen method for some of our young people.


The sensory stimulation it provides enables them to relax both mentally and physically. This bodily relaxation is particularly important for wheelchair users, who can become tense due to their immobility. It also enables our physiotherapist to work the youngsters' muscles more effectively once they've relaxed.