20 of our youngsters are permanently welcomed, 24/7.


Nevertheless, Anta Akhi remains in partnership with the parents, and the contact between both is necessary for their respective well-being. Usually, the parents welcome their child at least one weekend per month.

We marvel at what the Lord did with us, for us.
A lifetime isn’t long enough
to praise, glorify, magnify, celebrate and thank Him.

Michael C.


He cannot express himself by words, however Michael understands everything, sees everything and calls each one by "a sound", yes, each one who forgets to greet him!


Madonna S.


At Madonna's contact, the child in us arises!




Carole N.



Who is not attracted by Carole's smile ? By her  luminous face?


Joe G.


Even if he doesn't see, Joey appreciates music a lot! He's always asking for it : moussi'a (E.A.), which means: I want music, the sooner the better!

Aida H.


"Doctor, have you seen the Virgin Mary in my heart?"



Ibtissam H.


She tells everyone: "You are beautiful, and I love you!"


Barbara Z.


Barbara can no longer use her hands, we can barely hear what she says, but she always smiles and calls by her smile her friends to continue to communicate with them.



Marcelle Z.


Marcelle loves to smile and shop; with her big regression, she continues to struggle to have the joy and spread it around her.

Ghassan J.


The philosopher of Anta Akhi has undergone a big regression: he breathes in great difficulty, has lost a lot of weight, is not able to return in bed, yet he has a big spiritual strength.

Gharib J.


Always ready to sing, Gharib is also a good actor, and he considers himself like an eagle who is ready to fly at any time.

Fady R.


Even if he can't see or hear, when Fadi talks about God, everyone gives praise!



Rita R.


Rita, whose capacities are in a continuous regression, doesn't complain!

She is present with calm, discretion, and with a large smile!  


Pierre S.


Pierre is close to everyone, and he appreciates outings in small groups!

Elie S.


Always calm and discrete, we can often see Elie praying the Rosary.

Philippe S.


He always has a joke to charm everyone coming to the Home of Tenderness.

Joseph B.


Very alert, actif and ready to help, Joseph enjoys life!








Marianne C.


She is called the princess; Marianne is a young coquette lady, full of tenderness.







Tony M.


He is the "mukhtar"mayor because he knows everything that is going on around him and doesn't forget, not even a tiny word!







Elie K.


He is so funny! And he never looses his smile; happy and making others happy!




Mélanie M.


She's so blooming, and her face expresses the joy of a little child, that likes to be pampered all the time!