Home care


The Anta Akhi team regularly visist young people with heavy disabilities who live at home, and cannot withstand frequent transport. We provide support to the family,and provide medical assistance.

In addition, all the young adults of Anta Akhi are welcome in the Home of Tenderness for a period ranging from one day to several months. Such situations include for example a grieving in the family, marriage or hospitalization of a family member.

How do I look to this other person,

my brother, equal at me in value and dignity?

Haven't we received the Spirit of the Living God? His heart?

To let His life, his eyes, glow in us?

Georges N.


Georges loves to go out and and participate in events. The presence of friends delights him.

 Paul A.


He is so much loved and pampered by his parents. He reserves his best smile to his brothers.

Imad A.


The touching look in the eyes of Imad is so beautiful when he reacts to calm and softness.


André Y.


André is so attached to his mother. And when his father comes in whistling his face becomes luminous.


Johnny H.


In the presence of his brothers, the face of Johnny reflects so much joy and love.



Vreij D.


He loves a big hug and when somebody touches him he can't stop laughing!


Elie A. Y.


With his intellligence, his good memory and his joy, he's always welcomed in great joy by his friends at the Home of Tenderness.