By my look, my words, my actions, I can tell you, whoever you are, "You worth much to me, you're my brother, and I love you."

Yvonne Chami

Lebanese, nurse, midwife and social worker.


1976 :   Founder of Sesobel, serving children with disabilities and their families.
1992 :  
Founder of Anta Akhi for a future worthy of the adults suffering from disability.
2000 :
Founder of the project "Disability and Life in Church" to a recognition of the value of the person with disability within the Church. 

1993 : 1st prize for humanitarian action organized by Madame  Magazine FIGARO, Paris - France, for the International Year of Women.

2012 : Distinction of Knight of the National Order of Merit by the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Sleiman.


The story begins in Vietnam
full of images of war and full of faces that I might forget ...!
But there is the face of this woman I will never forget.
The tenderness of Her gaze is imbued in me... her presence so effective!
She had a name: Mary ...
What I value most and had me out of all the impossible situations, is the company of that Lady - Mary - who can do the impossible that I can not, who can give joy and hope to those who have all the reasons to despair - and thus makes them a sense of their value and dignity stifled by exclusion and rejection of the society.