The Foundations

Our values with ourselves, with others, with time, with things, with everything that was created...


1. Regardless of the limits it imposes, disability may affect the body, the ability to communicate, it may affect the potential but it will never affect the essence of a person, everyone is a unique human being.

2. Therefore, regardless of the severity of their condition, every person is a human being and has the same value, the same needs and the same dignity as everybody else.


3. A person with a disability has the same fundamental needs as anybody else, in addition to the more specific needs related to their condition.


4. As a child baptized in the name of Jesus, that child becomes a child of God, Jesus gave him His Father, He gave him His Mother, He gave His Spirit, He also gave Himself, He died for him, and for us as well.


5. Therefore, any child of God has the same needs as we do, the food of God to live and grow, with us, like us, within the family, within the parish, within the Church and the community.


6. According to Jesus, there is value in the differences between people, it provides a way to help us to live more dignified, and as children of God;

7. Build together a world where we can live together, different but complementary. Lives in peace, in joy and in love. We can live as brothers, witnesses of love of the living God, the living and vital presence of Jesus, unified by His Spirit and Body. Living in the name of Jesus, of His Gospel, like Him. Is it utopia? An unreachable ideal? Surreal?


8. Isn’t everyone a reflection of God’s love? Isn’t each of our lives a sacred tale written in the heart of living God?

9. How do we perciev our brother? as a person who is equal to me in value and dignity? Haven’t we received His Spirit? His Heart? to let his life, his look, flow in us?


10. If we look at someone with a disability with the gaze of the Father and the Mother of Jesus, we will hear them say, to each one of us, as they said to Jesus: “You are my beloved son, You are all my joy”

We marvel at what the Lord did with us, in us, for us. A lifetime isn’t long enough to praise, glorify, magnify, celebrate and thank Him.