We believe that :

  • People are much more than they appear to be: each person possesses a mystery that shall only be revealed by acts of faith and trust.
  • Each disabled person is a human being, a child of God.
  • Everyone is entitled to live in dignity and Love.
  • All that we have received as Gifts are meant to be used for the support of one another.
  • Obstacles are part of life. It is up to us to overcome them.
  • Life is everlasting. Everyone is called to grow and meet their potential.
  • We are called to live as one large family, at the heart of which the weakest have their place.
  • Each of us is dear to God’s heart; and we are all part of His family.
  • God looks at us and says: “You are my beloved children, you are all my joy.”
  • Love’s strength triumphs over death and all its aspects.

    This is why we believe that everyone’s life, even when heavily disabled, is worth being lived as a celebration, because Love is enduring and because you are my brother.