It is possible to live happy and make others happy!

The mission of Anta Akhi - and the project "Handicap and life in Church" is:


  • To support the growth of the child of God who suffers from disability throughout his journey on earth. To live his human dignity, with us, among us, like us, and as a member of the body of the Living Jesus.
  • To operate a change of perception - through training and awareness - to rehabilitate the able-bodied in their relationship to the world of disability.
  • To live together: able-bodied and people suffering from disabilities, different and complementary, consistent with the logic of Jesus' values expressed in His Word. Witnesses - Actors of growth.



Anta Akhi would then become:

  • A living environment, internship.
  • A host environment, for day and semi boarding.
  • A service environment, in case of diseases, deaths, weddings...
  • A recreational and festive environment.
  • A training environment, for human and spiritual transformation:
    • For young people who have grown up with Sesobel, with physical, mental limits, multiple disabilities;
    • For the able-bodied: schools, universities, seminaries ...