Anta Akhi


Founded in 1992 by Yvonne Chami, Anta Akhi gives support to adults with physical, mental and multiple disabilities. 

Most of these adults grew up at Sesobel,  a sister association. They are no longer dependent in their autonomy of life; their parents, advanced in age or deceased, can no longer meet the demands of their daily life.

Anta Akhi becomes their family ... until they part away to the world of the Father.

Anta Akhi supports these young people, in their daily needs and as children of God, members of the Body of Living Jesus.

Anta Akhi – and the project "Handicap and Life in Church"

To complete the vision of the founding project, Yvonne created in 2000 the project "Disability and Life in Church".

This is a project to train the Anta Akhi adults at "living together", according to the logic of life and the values of Jesus:

  • Catechesis: for children and youth at both Sesobel and Anta Akhi
  • Existential Training: for children and youth at both Sesobel and Anta Akhi
  • To learn to live in relationship with Jesus, the Father, the Holy  Spirit, and Mary...

Our young adults act as the ambassadors of the "living together" concept. They intervene  in conferences and with society at large:


  • The working team of Anta Akhi and Sesobel.
  • Educational environments such as schools, universities etc.
  • Seminarians, senior officials and at various seminars.
  • Parishes, dioceses, bishops...
  • Young people inLebanon and elsewhere in search for a meaning to their  life: Who am I? Why my life? What is the meaning of suffering, death ...







Anta Akhi is recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior

(Information No. 152/AD).