Health management


Anta Akhi completely takes over the health management of our youth, at the following levels:

  • Routine health needs,
  • Health needs related to age, disability and regression of disability,
  • Unforeseen medical emergencies.

What does it require? What does our medical team regularly to ensure the health of our youth and maintain their abilities?

  • Respiratory or other individual therapies, group therapy, relaxation acts in the pool or outside.
  • Orthopedic assessments and positioning assessments.
  • Sports sessions to maintain skills linked to the motricity of our youth. Basketball, football, bocce, the sarbacanne the petanque, bowling, and various psychomotor games are adapted as much as possible.
  • Paramedical examinations.
  • Regular consultations throughout the year.
  • Daily monitoring on the part of the nurse.
  • And of course responses to emergencies.