Growth of the child of God



Existential training


Who I am? Where does my importance come from? What is the purpose of my life?
What is the meaning of my life in front of disease, disability, sufferance and death? What is the meaning of my life?
What meaning do I give to my life? What am I trying to do with my life?
If God loves me, why does He allow the fact that I suffer from disability? Why me and not my brother?


These are questions asked by our children and youngsters with disabilities. It is thanks to existential training, that constitutes the heart of Anta Akhi's action, that our young people realize their importance, of being children of God, equal in dignity and value with all the able-bodied.

And it is thanks to this training that our young people are witnesses in their home, in their parish and in the society that it is possible to experience the joy despite the difficulties.

 Existential Training is achieved for:

Our children and young people limited in their autonomy of life by  disability.
The ecclesiastic society in Lebanon and outside Lebanon, particularly in France and Togo.
The able-bodied: school and university students, youth members of movements and parishioners ..


Catechesis and spiritual guidance

In order to bear fruits regarding their relationship to themselves, to God and to others, while relying on the existential training, a spiritual guidance is needed.

This will help them be introduced:

  • To enter into a living relationship with Jesus, His Father, His Mother, His Spirit,
  • To be witnesses to God's love and foster this "living together" in joy and peace.

Since Jesus, there are no longer superior or inferior persons,

there are only equal persons in magnitude,

different in what the Lord builds in each one.

 We have the same magnitude, the same value as Jesus, living, victorious,
each and every child of God.
Jesus paid the price of His life for our life.