Welcome to Anta Akhi Lebanon

We are

A lebanese association

Serving adults with disabilities since 1992.

Our home of tenderness is open 24h/24, 7 days a week

 We welcome to our house 76 people according to their needs and handicap.

A training instance

Every year, we educate over 3,000 people about disability.

Live in joy

Because, despite all the difficulties due to the handicap, we know in Anta Akhi that joy always triumphs !


Live in Dignity

 Nous offrons chaque jour à nos jeunes l'accompagnement, les soins et les activités nécessaires à leur épanouissement et leur dignitié. Soutenez-nous dans notre mission !

Live in brotherhood

At Anta Akhi, we want to show that we can live together as equal people and as brothers. Engage with us and join our family.