Your are most welcome in our family!


You are welcome to share the joy with our young adults with disabilities and spend beautiful moments together.

Our Home is open everyday, from 8h00 AM til 10h00 PM.


Also we are waiting for you...

Every day: Rosary in from of Jesus Living in the Holy Sacrament at 5h00PM.

Every week: Sunday mass at  11h30AM.

Every month:

  • The first saturday of the month with community "Mary Set El Beit" Lady of the Home at Anta Akhi.
    • 10h00 : Adoration.
    • 11h00 : Spiritual teaching
    • 12h30 : Holy Mass
    • 16h00: Meeting about the "living together".
  • The second Thursday of the month from 10h00AM till 12h00PM: Brunch organised by the parents' committee of Anta Akhi at the Home of Tenderness - Ballouneh. It is addressed to our friends, movements, and parishes.
  • The third Friday of the month: praying evening:
    • 20h00 : Adoration and confession for those who want.
    • 22h00 : Holy Mass.


Please contact us prior to the events to make sure there are no changes in the schedule, beyond our control.